Can i pay cash for the order?

Yes you can pay cash.

Whats the minimum amount we need to pay while booking the order?

You need to pay at least Rs 1000 to start the order. KATERING.IN sales guy will come and collect rest of the money before order delivered to you.

Can i pay after the food is delivered?

We are trying very hard to give you best prices and best quality in the town. We won’t deliver the food until full payment is paid.

Can i order food outside of the listed places ?

Yes. Please contact our customer service we can certainly look what are all options available for you.

What oil do you use for cooking?

All food is cooked using refined sunflower oil.

Do we get people to serve food?

Any order more than 100 people we will provide people to serve the food.

Can i order items not in the KATERING.IN website?

We have huge collection of items and adding every day. If you still don’t find the item what you are looking for, Please call our customer service we will defiantly consider your request.

How many days in advance we need to order?

At least 24 hours needed to book your order.

What if i want to reschedule the order?

Any order beyond 24 hours you can reschedule.

What if i want to cancel the order?

Any order less than 24 hours can not be cancelled.

What is the minimum number of people i can order?

You need to order minimum for 50 people.

Can we keep left over food?

Yes what ever left over is yours.

Can i add more items to the order?

Yes you can any number of items to your package. Cost of your package will also changes. Only beyond 24 hours.

Do i get food as it looks in the website?

Photos are just for you to get some idea. Yes they may vary from what we show in the website. We try very hard to give you tasty and delicious food.

Do i get full refund when i can cancel the order?

Yes you will get full refund for the order which is beyond 24 hours.

Do you cook the food at our place?

We have huge kitchen to cook food for most of the orders. On exceptional case we have to cook food at your place to eliminate transportation hassle.

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