Small triangular pastry filled with spiced vegetables and fried in oil.
Cooked white rice.
Cumin flavored, cooked rice.
Ladies finger deep fried and flavored with spices.
Potato cooked in curd and spices.
Brinjal stuffed with peanut, spices and sesame seed paste.Cooked with onions and
Mixed vegetables cooked in toor dal and tamarind juice, flavored with special s
Lentil cooked with yellow cucumber. Finished with simple tempering.
Lentil cooked with mango.Finished with simple tempering.
Cauliflower marinated in hot spices and lemon juice. Seasoned with tempering.
Sun dried, flat bread made from different dals.
Khoya rounds deep fried in ghee/oil and soaked in hot saffron flavoured sugar sy
Plain Curd
Fresh vegetables rounds.
Curd flavored with onions, cucumbers, chillies and cilantro.
Plain water.
FlavoredĀ betel leaf.
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