Wedding Catering Services in Hyderabad

We provide exclusive wedding catering services to help you plan the grand occasion of marriage. We act as your catering partners and ensure that your guests have the best food experience when they visit your event for celebrating the birthday.


Whether you plan to have a grand pompous wedding or a simple modest wedding, all Indian weddings boast of delicious and beautifully presented, lavish dinners, which have now become an integrated part of the whole wedding experience. Variety is the most important aspect when we think of the wedding food.


We at Katering, the best wedding catering services in Hyderabad, understand the responsibility levied on us. We are your food partner for the event and take full ownership of organizing the dinner in the most efficient and effective manner.


Food Menu

We prepare a sumptuous three-course food menu divided into appetizers, main course and desserts.

Appetizers usually consist of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters, as per your choice. Our experienced cooks can prepare all types of delicacies according to your regional sentiments
Main course consists of a wide array of vegetables, vegetarian and non-vegetarian; pulses and breads; beautifully complemented with assorted salads.
Desserts consist of regional and seasonal sweets and ice creams. Our awesome chefs can prepare a wide variety of sweets on preference.


Benefits of Katering’s Wedding Catering Service

Exhaustive menu items from across India
Flexible menu that can be customized to accommodate all regional and seasonal needs
Experience and skilled chefs and cooks who create the most delicious and beautiful dishes


Our wedding catering service is known for delivering excellence and quality in all our activities. Our professional services, mouth-watering food and quick turnaround time will make your wedding a memorable event for you and all your esteemed guests. | +91 9573 400 400
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